Designer Resources

From designer libraries to explorative color palettes, Pratt & Lambert® Paints has the design tools Los Angeles’ professionals need and want.

As designers, we’re inspired by the things that speak to us. By images and ideas, by music, story, and memoir. And as designers—as artists—we’re always searching for that next awakening. For that foray into new possibilities, new worlds.

But we also work hard. We strive to find that perfect color that brings together the most difficult of design spaces. We search tirelessly for the ideal furniture piece; we revise the blueprint one last time, confirming that it reflects the very best use of space; we think endlessly about how to translate the most evocative of modern trends into something that works for Pasadena, for Hermosa Beach, for Los Angeles.

This is what it’s like to be a professional—something Pratt & Lambert knows very well.

Pratt & Lambert comprises designers and artists—color specialists who are passionate about paint and about supporting the design community. It’s a company with the goal of bringing exceptional color into an exceptional world. To do this, it shares with us the most current inspiration, the superior color combinations, and the most practical advice the design community has to offer on running a business, doing amazing work, and thinking outside the box.

Color Expressions

Color Expressions

Download Pratt & Lambert’s Color Expressions magazine and see what everyone’s talking about. Full of trend insight from the country’s leading designers, color palettes that breathe new life into what inspired color combinations should be, and tips and ideas for designs that are both functional and beautiful, Color Expressions has it all. Whether you’re a professional, a student, or a design aficionado, you’ll find plenty to inspire and energize you within the pages of this artful magazine.

Download the latest issue of Pratt & Lambert® Paints Color Expressions.

Designer Tools

For the Trade

All of Pratt & Lambert’s color tools are now available to the Los Angeles designer. Boasting more than 1,000 design-inspired colors, Pratt & Lambert is the favored paint brand of professionals from coast to coast. Its Designer Library houses everything that professionals need when entertaining clients or conferencing with subcontractors. Stored within a convenient carrying case, the kit‘s nine binders hold 8‑inch‑by‑5‑inch color sheets. Also available are Pratt & Lambert fan decks, color cards, and more.

Learn more about Pratt & Lambert’s Designer Library and color tools.

Accreditations and Endorsements

Accreditations and Endorsements

LEED® and MPI® are just a few of the associations that stand behind Pratt & Lambert products. As a designer, you have to be at your very best—a belief Pratt & Lambert lives by. Certified by and affiliated with the most respected organizations in the paint industry, Pratt & Lambert continues to offer designer-inspired formulas and colors, allowing you to focus less on logistics and more on doing what you do best.

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