Color Expressions

A source of design inspiration and advice, Color Expressions magazine has been a coveted resource of Los Angeles’ design community since its inception.

Tucked away in the 32 pages of this full-color magazine is everything you need to feel inspired, empowered, and ready to set to work. From incredible swipe-worthy photography to information-packed articles, Color Expressions is one of our secret design weapons.

We love how Color Expressions informs us of the most important and pressing design trends, pulled right from the industry's top trend reports and forecasts.

We also love how the magazine explores the colors and combinations that will gain popularity in the following years—these trending hues are ones we can rely on to rejuvenate design and inspire brand-new ideas. And more importantly, we enjoy how the publication helps us become better at what we do through its practical tips and ideas for designs that are both functional and beautiful.

And the best part? The magazine is entirely complimentary—a free token for design professionals. It’s Pratt & Lambert’s way of sharing everything it’s unearthed, learned, and gathered over the previous design cycle.

So dive in. Familiarize yourself with the publication and all it has to offer. See why we know it to be a designer’s best friend—and the design community’s fastest-growing secret. And see how we’ve applied its ideas and suggestions to clients all over the greater Los Angeles area.

Download the latest issue of Pratt & Lambert® Paints Color Expressions or flip through one of the volumes below to find inspiration. It's the type of magazine experience we know you’ll come back to again and again—just like we do.