Paint the Town

Explore the colors and palettes inspired by our very own city, Los Angeles.

We notice the way colors across the city change in its streetlights, taking on new tones from day to night. We wait patiently as our concrete jungle floods with streams of emboldened hues—giving life and rhythmically colliding. We see this endless movement—this majestic show—that thrives within the City of Angels.

These hues are the rhythmic heartbeat to what is truly L.A.—to what is your inspiration source.

We invite you to come see the Pratt & Lambert hues that paint your town—the palettes that exist right before your very eyes. We know there are palettes reflecting off our skyline just waiting to be noticed. In your routine walk through neighborhoods and your casual stop for tea, you may not notice the surrounding nuanced shades and ever-present pops of color.

But they’re there—belonging to the iconic landmarks and numerous attractions, and marking our city’s history and progress. So take a moment to revel in the luxurious marriage of gold and turquoise in the Eastern Columbia Building. See how one of the city’s oldest sights translates into design and color.

See how this town—your town—is a canvas like none other, with an intricate tapestry of color and breathtaking colorways—both natural and man-made. Let us show you the designs that at times go undetected; let us share the colors we believe are exclusive to L.A. Then, you can pass it along, to your tribe and your beloved city—celebrating a place where color inspiration can be found in every corner.

Roast of the Town

Recreate the colorful cafe experience of Verve Coffee, the Santa Cruz–based roaster discovering the perks of setting up shop in Los Angeles.