There’s a certain quality within every passionate designer: a constant, unchanging sense of curiosity.

Life becomes an ongoing quest to find hidden gems, a never-ending hunt for those things that inspire us, those things that stir us, as artists, as creatives, as professionals. Whether it’s found in the splendor radiating from the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels or in the friendly atmosphere of our favorite wine shop, Silverlake Wine, our concrete jungle is filled with prompts that lead us to celebrate both past and present, and to fan creative flames for the future.

Since color is a vital accessory to all projects, rooms, and design concepts, we are unearthing the very best in L.A.

We’ve scoured the city for exceptional design finds that accentuate and champion exceptional color. From the hand-carved stools that sit in the French bakery down the street in La Brea, to the Spanish bungalow in West Hollywood receiving refurbishment, to the newest bustling brunch spot in Echo Park, we find inspiration everywhere.

We believe meticulous craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the finest color. And being members of your tribe, and co-conspirators in the search for design excellence, our desire is to share what we’ve uncovered. We want to further your efforts as style ambassadors and keepers of cool, so we’re bringing the beauty right to you.

Design Finds

Design Finds

Here we take a look at what furnishings and products are on our wish list—and what should be on yours.

We highlight the very best of design worth sharing, worth celebrating. Inspiration from the craft of artists, furniture makers, collectors, and other creatives drives our imagination and fuels our design. You stroll through a furniture boutique in Redondo Beach and find an enviable vintage coffee table or a flared chandelier, and suddenly it’s there—a notion to create areas that are timeless or innovative. Join us in the constant search for pieces that are inspired and unique. Come look at our design finds and feel moved to seek out yours.

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These are the projects we’re all talking about now.

Everywhere you turn in the city there’s something new, something enticing—a new eatery touting local fare, the latest see-and-be-seen bar, a newly remodeled warehouse turned community center. The possibilities are endless. Here, we highlight these projects worth noting and the passionate architects, contractors, interior designers, and aspiring design professionals who made them come to life.

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The upcoming and the ongoing: Immerse yourself in the top trends in L.A. style, color, and design.

There are the trends known from country to country, and there are those that emerge specifically from a region or city. From neighborhood to neighborhood—and continent to continent—we’ve identified the most-talked-about colors, aesthetics, layouts, and textures.

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