Design Finds

The art of inspiration appears in unexpected, treasured finds all around Los Angeles.

The City of Angels is filled with flea-market finds, product developments, antique treasures, and eclectic novelties begging to be exposed. As a design professional, you hunt for trends that ignite new design opportunities.

You eye a classic floral that kindles a French provincial thought for your client’s abode. The quest then becomes to find that perfect delphinium blue shade. You come across a design studio where playful experimentations with shape and material spark an inspiration for an idiosyncratic modern aesthetic—and a cement gray is animated with an organic yellow green.

We celebrate pieces—and the places where we find them—with an extra dose of personality.

We know design dreams are prompted by much more than color. Many times, ideation comes from the enviable leather-tufted sofa, the glamour of the Nepalese rug, or the luxe ivory armchair. The products from avant-garde artists, craftsmen, furniture makers, and collectors help influence and bring to life the impulse to design a room with distinctive personality.

And with your expertise, you recognize that new ideas are born of surprising textural details—the glossy finishes, matte applications, and crystalline shine. You know that a small Danish modern brass pendant can set the identity for a room. Like a perfect pair of pearls to accessorize an elegant ensemble, this petite antique adds the touch of je ne sais quoi you dream of.

Within L.A., we’ve uncovered these singular design finds that have our laser-focused attention, and now we’re sharing them with you. These are the furnishings, little extras, and whimsical additions in the vicinity of your city that may lead you to the right colors—and the right design.

Products with Purpose

Get to know some of our favorite socially aware and environmentally conscious retailers that use design to do good.

Design-Find Paradise in Venice

Designers from all over L.A. brave the Abbot Kinney crowds to get their hands on the perfect pieces for their projects—and it’s easy to see why.

Designing an Experience

Immersive retail, such as Pirch in New York City, uses hands-on design methods to create unique shopping experiences.

A New Standard for Hotels

The Line Hotel in Los Angeles’ Koreatown features industrial-chic design, as well as unique restaurant spaces in Commissary and POT.

Street Style

From murals to sculptures to interactive installments, the imagination behind public street art inspires daring interior design.

An Icon Reborn

World-renowned Danish furniture maker Carl Hansen & Søn offers a colorful new twist on the iconic Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair.

Best in Show

Maison & Objet Paris and New York Fashion Week highlight bold trends and style revolution in design, home decor, and fashion.