Local Design Events

Here’s your guide to the greatest design events happening in L.A. and beyond.

From Silver Lake to Echo Park, the South Bay to West Hollywood, Los Angeles designers come together regularly to share ideas and inspiration. And we’ve got the inside scoop on when and where.

Los Angeles’ designers are always gathering to celebrate, learn, and experience the creativity that flows through the City of Angels. It’s a creativity that can be found in difference and individuality, from a host of experiences and differing points of view.

We love this about L.A.. We love the mixture of thought and expression that thrives here. We love that the art community is so committed to distributing their ideas, and that they work not only with one another but also with the world. And we especially love that the next big thing—the next great obscure evolution in design, art, and accessibility to art—is happening right here, right now. It just may be hiding in a run-down nonprofit gallery or lurking within a young artist, waiting to be freed.

We invite you to join Los Angeles’ design community and find inspiration and design events right where you live.

This is what makes Los Angeles the haven for design and art that it is. And this is why, as architects, designers, students, and contractors, we relish creating in this great city.

We invite you to join Los Angeles’ design community and find inspiration right where you dwell—right in Pasadena or Santa Monica or Hollywood. We invite you to meet similar-thinking creatives and make the connections that will assist your ideas. And we invite you to open yourself up, to see something new. Something inspired. Something different.

Our design experts have established the most inspiring and energizing events going on in L.A., from galleries to lectures, grand openings to live performances. Peruse our curated list, and see what’s going on in your neighborhood—or the next.

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Take a self-guided tour of some of downtown L.A.’s galleries and museums as part of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, held the second Thursd...