Our design authorities have been busy identifying the absolute best must-do events for Los Angeles design professionals.

From the awe-inspiring get-togethers to the most creative pioneering experiences, we’ve explored every corner of the city—and beyond—for the hottest design events both here in Los Angeles and abroad. Big and small, known and unknown, these are the most captivating venues for Los Angeles artists to share their thoughts, show their work, and learn from one another.

Call it magic, call it inspiration, call it a muse—something very special happens when designers gather together, whether we’re packing into the latest pop-up gallery in West Hollywood or attending the launch of a new design studio in Santa Monica. It’s right here in the middle of communities of like-minded dreamers that new ideas are concocted, dreams are specified, and this design life that we live takes on an entirely new meaning.

Something very special happens when Los Angeles designers gather together.

Be sure to take the time to study our community and global event schedule. You never know what’s going on down the street, in a neighboring city, or across the sea—but this is your opportunity to find out.

Local Design Events

Local Design Events

Peek at design events in Santa Monica, Venice, West Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and more. Find stimulation right where you live and discover like-minded peers by viewing our collected list of the most intriguing design events in the city. From galleries to lectures, grand openings to live performances, we’ve identified the most inspiring and energizing events going on in Los Angeles.

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Global Events

Global Design Events

Discover the preeminent design events happening worldwide. Go beyond Los Angeles and see what’s being highlighted on a global design level. From worldwide trend‑forecasting seminars to industry‑specific gatherings and trade shows, these are the events that are having the biggest impact on design.

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