Discover distinct color combinations—all inspired by Los Angeles

As we stroll down our streets, we find motivation in each neighborhood. We find hidden color capsules around every corner. Hues shift from day to night and drift around each structure in waves of color, telling tales of the people and culture that reside in each neighborhood—your neighborhood. The city’s particular enchantments and communities spur design intuition. Here, we find the tones to mix and match, to use and love, with Pratt & Lambert color palettes that follow the genuine feel of our city, your city—Los Angeles.

Like a palette exposed on the runways of fashion week or in the glorified architecture that borders the city, base colors and their supporting accents are identified and celebrated—in beautiful juxtapose.


Whether you unearth them while inspecting your surroundings or through routine day-to-day activity, colors and shades easily coalesce in unexpected harmony and unity. The contrasts may be subtle, or they may be bold and adventurous. Throughout this city, there are patterns, textures, and images to spark new design aspirations—to reveal what makes Los Angeles an authority for color-focused artists.

Here, we offer a way to bring the qualities of the city you love into every design project, to identify energy in the treasured people, landmarks, and social hot spots. Like the aesthetic that comes through in the iconic Getty Center, we identify colors similar to its ridges, court and rotunda. We seek elegance in the ordinary, a muse everywhere we look.

The vibrancy that is L.A. is unmistakably exciting yet undeniably vast, but you can discover it all right here. Here, we invite you to assemble the hues that resonate with you—and your city.

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