Our city pulses with a complex pattern of unique color, and we’ve found all the hottest shades from all the hottest spots—both known and unknown—to bring more to the design elite and the design apprentice.

What drives Los Angeles’ bustling cosmopolitan nature? We believe it is our vast and uninhibited use of color. You inhabit the city of angels—a city that celebrates diversity and thrives with a vigor unlike any other. And those resulting hues, those combinations of color are the primary contributors to Los Angeles’ spirit—they are the ticking metronome to the city’s vibrancy and vitality. They are what lures urban dwellers like you to a magnified place that is both resplendent and personal, bold yet serene.

From the vibrancy of the Sunset Strip to the sweeping views of Runyon Canyon to the reflections off DTLA high-rises, it is here in our city where surprising color combinations and trends are discovered. Here, inspiration continues to be unearthed from neighborhood to neighborhood.

As craftsmen, artisans, and designers, you recognize that Los Angeles offers endless discovery of uncharted color territory. You live within a global community of design trailblazers in search of shades both modern and traditional. And in a city so rich in spectrums of color, it’s overwhelmingto take it all in.

With the rhythm of L.A. as our primary compass, we present to you an unparalleled color directory. We’ve curated the most-inspired colors into one resource, with all the hues that highlight our great city. So come discover distinctive palettes, on-trend combinations, and guiding color tools. Allow yourself to welcome exquisite color, to borrow our expertise, and to make your own mark.

Color Palettes


We’ve gathered the finest shades to mix, match, and fan the flame of your design intuition.

Like a moving performance at the Hollywood Bowl or the surging graffiti art boom happening in the Arts District, each palette comes with a vision and relays a tale of color. Each shade is a nod to the next in a way that flows harmoniously. Whether you’re searching for soft whites to complement a prewar apartment on Wilshire Boulevard, or seeking confident, architectural colors to outfit a new craft coffee shop in Pasadena, we have you covered. Simply start with a shade and build out from there.

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In a city humming with strong opinion and brimming with creativity, color trends are everywhere.

You spot it in a outdoor café, view it in the textiles from an fast-growing fashion house, or see it in a buzzed-about sculpture exhibit at the Getty. It’s your new obsession—a remarkable shade that remains a recurring trend. It is widely used throughout every industry and it fuels every gifted concept or idea that comes to mind. You might search tirelessly to find it, but rest assured that we’ve already found it for you.

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Color Narrative

Color Narrative

Uncompromising. Unforgettable. Undeniably beautiful. Our passion for brilliant color is what compelled us to introduce a new collection of sophisticated palettes, each deliberately fashioned to enhance and elevate your décor.

Meticulously formulated and refined, Pratt & Lambert® Paints invite an instant radiance into your favorite living spaces. Explore Pratt & Lambert® Color Narrative, featuring five capsule collections designed to turn your love of color into an enthusiasm for gorgeous paint. To view Color Narrative in-store, visit your closest independent retailer. Or enjoy these compelling palettes right here at Design in Color L.A..

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