15 Designers to Double-Tap on Instagram

A Feature on Our Favorite Design-Inspired Instagram Accounts and What We Love Most

As designers, we’re always on the hunt for new sources of inspiration. So we've gathered some of our favorite creatives on Instagram to keep inspiring design and photos right where you need them. Check out our list of Instagram favorites, and be sure to call out yours in the comments.

The Norrmans—@thenorrmans

Design lovers Anna and Lars Norrman are interior decorators based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Both are inspired by travel, yet it’s evident their style is swayed by their roots.

Why we love them: Their color combinations, mix of sought-after Scandinavian style, and well-captured interior shots have us wishing we could live in these rooms of lovely soft hues.

What we can’t get enough of: The images bring us inside interiors that offer a Zen-like haven. It’s the kind of place that has you feeling truly at home.

Why you should follow them: Who wouldn’t want to keep tabs on this well-curated and welcoming Instagram feed?

Mari @meandering_mari

A colorful Chicago artist known for her dreamy watercolors, Mari Orr is a former chemist who likes to “capture the world’s existing beauty.” She does just that with pictures of her latest work, like quirky greeting cards and clever everyday items—oh, and her amazing paintings, of course!

Why we love her: All the pretty color!

What we can’t get enough of: Her brushstroke photos are quite calming, while her color pairings are amusing and always pretty.

Why you should follow her: It’s pure eye candy. Mari’s photos are light and airy, with a true touch of whimsy.

A photo posted by Suysel & Anne (@tiltonfenwick) on

Tilton Fenwick—@tiltonfenwick

Textile designers Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham launched Tilton Fenwick in 2010. Known for their textiles and color choices that they use in a traditional manner, the NYC-based team also runs their very own fabric line, Duralee.

Why we love them: Their incorporation of classic aesthetics—with a fresh twist! Plus, the two are all about bringing comfort into any design.

What we can’t get enough of: Their ’grams feature a fun mix of quirky objects and inventive, bright interior design.

Why you should follow them: Tilton Fenwick has been known to find new ways to highlight color and pattern.

Marta at Made of Cloth—@made_of_cloth

She’s a modern textile designer living in Vermont. She’s completely self-taught. And she brings a unique perspective from her home country of Poland. All of these characteristics helped form creative designer Marta’s unique style and artful taste. As a champion for slow living and quality goods, her best work comes to life when form meets function.

Why we love her: She believes in the beauty of imperfections—and craftsmanship. Her Instagram is as moving as her intentions in life.

What we can’t get enough of: As a textile designer, Marta enhances every design with exceptional use of color and pattern. Her lines of hand-painted pieces and distinctive textures may be mixed and matched for looks that stay cohesive.

Why you should follow her: When it comes to the many stages of the design process, you will see it all on Marta’s feed. Take a peek inside her creative world and understand her individual design lens.

Kohn Pedersen Fox—@kohnpedersenfox

Described as an “architectural firm finding the smartest solution for each project,” this firm consists of 600 staff led by 24 principals, with offices in New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Korea, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Its projects include the Petersen Automobile Museum, in Los Angeles, and One Jackson Square and 10 & 30 Hudson Yards, both in New York.

Why we love them: KPF’s incredible buildings push boundaries.

What we can’t get enough of: Architectural shots are all about ingenious angles, lighting, and points of view.

Why you should follow them: Isn’t it obvious? Inspiring buildings. If the shapes and mesmerizing geometric patterns aren’t enough, KPF also features interior photos of some of the newest up-and-coming skyscrapers.

A photo posted by ASHE + LEANDRO (@ashe_leandro) on

Ashe + Leandro—@ashe_leandro

This architectural and design practice was established in 2008, in NYC. With a diverse range of projects, its signature aesthetic is laid-back, contemporary luxury—a midcentury modern look that is extremely livable. Most notably, the firm has decorated for the likes of Mindy Kaling and Naomi Watts.

Why we love them: Ashe + Leandro’s feed is a look at refined elegance mixed with soft textures and rustic accents.

What we can’t get enough of: Ashe + Leandro’s viewpoint is both sophisticated and simplistic, with added neutrals and pops of color. Plus, each photo makes it feel like any of their scenes could be your own home, prompting you to seek the look.

Why you should follow them: It’s a “modern meets midcentury home décor” mecca that will inspire clean lines, luxurious couch fabrics, and cool geo patterns.

A photo posted by Andrea (@crispinterior_) on

Crisp Interior—@crispinterior_

Andrea’s showcase of inspired interiors is reflected on her Instagram. Her lovely floral accents and neutral spaces are tranquil, soothing, and ultrafeminine.

Why we love her: Her tasteful use of florals and pops of color in neutral surroundings refines and softens at the same time.

What we can’t get enough of: We can’t get enough of her bouquets. With floral arrangements this beautiful, we’re thinking of springtime—all the time.

Why you should follow her: Art speaks. Though her posts aren’t always in English, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Anchor Ceramics—@anchorceramics

The Melbourne, Australia, ceramics studio produces lighting, tile, and ceramics that are all handmade. The high-quality wares fuse both contemporary and traditional technology and tools. Its founder, Bruce Rowe, was originally trained as an architect and pursued ceramics on the side; he continues to maintain his studio practice.

Why we love them: Anchor Ceramics’ modern and minimalistic feel.

What we can’t get enough of: Modern lines, the beautiful textures, the impact of color—what’s not to love? Its décor is thought-provoking and current.

Why you should follow them: With clean lines, pops of color, and behind-the-scenes features on projects in progress, this creative conceptor leaves us on edge.

A photo posted by The Jungalow™ (@thejungalow) on


“Inspiring your world to decorate wild.” This is how Justina Blakeney describes her design style. With over 386,000 followers, the L.A.-based designer and blogger (check her out on TheJungalow.com) credits her diverse background with drawing her to world arts-and cultures. And recently, she launched her own line of home-goods products in 2016.

Why we love her: Who wouldn’t be smitten by her wild style and crazy patterns? They’re too fun!

What we can’t get enough of: Her cultivated, bohemian aesthetic. Her integrated use of greens and teals ushers in nature, welcoming a true organic perspective into any design. More specifically, she’s always adding life with perfectly placed plants.

Why you should follow her: Her inspiration and aesthetic will have you believing the sky is the limit—encouraging you to push the boundaries on how to use pattern and color on your next project.

Sera of London—@seraoflondon

Intriguing and avant-garde, abstract interior decorator Sera Hersham-Loftus puts together spaces that are romantic and inhabited by a spirit of artistic musing.

Why we love her: This designer doesn’t shy away from the dramatic, and she is one who demands our attention—and wows with stunning style.

What we can’t get enough of: Bohemian and classically mixed interiors. It’s like being dropped into an Old World French tearoom or a vintage-style parlor.

Why you should follow her: To gain a sense of romantic finishing touches and a dose of decadent design. Plus, you’ll feast your eyes on lavish materials, jewel tones, and layered color.

Jersey Ice Cream Co.—@jerseyicecreamco

Roaming duo Tara Mangini and Percy Bright know how to live the good life. Wandering cross-country, they carve out a living as traveling home designers. These country-chic gurus, who established their unique business in 2010, venture from home to home, project to project, helping people everywhere achieve beautiful design dreams.

Why we love them: They have the rustic-chic look down, making any space feel like a restored farmhouse.

What we can’t get enough of: Their steadfast belief in “craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than they found them.”

Why you should follow them: Tara and Percy are always on the road and never confined to just one place. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience where you feel you’re journeying alongside them, not knowing where they may go next or what project they will take on.

I Have This Thing with Floors—@ihavethisthingwithfloors

And so do we. We have this thing for I Have This Thing with Floors. The account holder remains anonymous, but we’re certainly taken by the witty “selfeets.” The mysterious bio curates all images from Amsterdam, putting us on a mission to locate such beautiful flooring.

Why we love them: I Have This Thing with Floors has helped to create a whole new perspective on photography, collecting intricate patterns and color from a place where one rarely looks: right beneath our feet.

What we can’t get enough of: The images are user-generated! In addition, the feet and floor patterns also reflect a great appreciation for gorgeous tile.

Why you should follow them: Designers, artists, and architects are on the hunt for details, such as flooring, that can be made better. I Have This Thing with Floors does just that.

Lights Lights Lights—@lightslightslights_au

A retail showroom and lighting-consultant service operating out of the suburb of Moonee Ponds, in Melbourne, Australia, this company is rooted in a love of good design. With over 20 years combined experience, the three owners ensure that detailed planning is given to every lighting project, resulting in creativity, practicality, and functionality.

Why we love them: Isn’t it inspiring to see how lights come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles? We can’t get enough of how Lights Lights Lights is showcasing the latest technology and marrying it with great design.

What we can’t get enough of: The unexpected light choices—they are an enhancement to every project. The contemporary edge of all of Lights Lights Lights’ pieces fits with many styles and is an easy way to modernize your next project.

Why you should follow them: To get the latest lighting and the brightest ideas for your next project.

Clarence House Textiles—@clarencehousetextiles

Since 1961, this textile producer has used one-of-a-kind fabrics and introduced exclusive designs. Founded by interior designer Robin Roberts, with the aim of designing with integrity, its pretty textiles are often used by many of the world’s interior designers.

Why we love them: With an established history in the design world, Clarence House Textiles supplies materials for living rooms, walls, and runways alike.

What we can’t get enough of: It’s not just the textiles! Sometimes it entices us with nature’s color palettes of fresh fruit—or “holesome” donuts.

Why you should follow them: To stay on top of trends and to discover fresh ways to use fabrics or new patterns you’ve never seen before.

Rosie Clayton—@rclayton

With a feed solely focused on bright, vivid, and eye-popping backgrounds, Midwest designer Rosie Clayton has a knack for making the ordinary seem extraordinary. She has us wishing for vacation year-round.

Why we love her: Such an inundation of wild, lively color makes us wonder: How can one woman offer so much color in one Instagram? It’s truly beyond us.

What we can’t get enough of: Color. Style. Grace. Clean lines. Bright dreamscapes. Need we go on?

Why you should follow her: If we haven’t fully won you over, note how her bright and beautiful outlook can lift your spirit and welcome new possibilities. Not to mention, she happens to capture the best street art.